A Poochies Playground – Part II

Posted on May 12, 2015, 8:38 pm
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We’re two weeks into May and the weather has improved a little and the days are now getting longer. We’re all going to be spending more time in our garden and so is your dog.  This week I have focused on different areas you can provide for your dog.

If you plan on leaving your dog in your garden for long periods of time then there are some great products you can buy nowadays to make sure they have everything they need.

Provide Shelter:

All dogs should have a dog house. It’s their place to run to if they get scared, a place to sleep and a place to keep the warm and dry in the wet weather. Please don’t make the mistake a lot of people do and buy a dog house that is not elevated from the ground, we get a lot of rain in Ireland and buying a dog house that is low to the ground will flood your dog house. I love that nowadays carpenters across Ireland have stepped up their game in terms of designing dog houses. You can get some pretty awesome designs nowadays and they don’t cost a fortune, but if you can afford to build an amazing dog house then do it!!

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Feeding Station:

Food: Lots of dog houses come with a feeding station attached to them but if they don’t here are some great ideas you can use. It’s very important as to where you place your dog’s food as I have seen magpies emptying a dogs bowl of food before.
Water: Dogs are clumsy and while chasing something in the garden or running around they can knock over their water bowl and be left without water until you come home. You can get great gadgets in stores or online now that will hook up to your garden hose allowing your dog access to water 24/7…no more water bowl.

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Toilet Area:

It’s not nice having poop all around your garden or your grass burnt from urine. If you can provide a small area for them to go toilet along with some training you will never have that problem again.

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Lounge Area:

For those lazy days in the garden. Instead of your dog lounging on the grass why not get them a beautiful dog lounger? They can be placed beside you on the patio or in a  quiet place underneath a tree in the shade, these are great for keeping your dog cool on hotter days.

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Ponds & Pools:

Dogs love water. They are great for cooling them down on hot days and a great play area for them too. You can go all out and place a doggie pool in your garden if you can afford it, plus a pool in your garden will make a great feature or you can have a blow-up pool, these are less expensive.

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